"VANITY FAIR® EXTRA ABSORBENT EVERYDAY CASUAL NAPKINS 80 COUNT" "$83.99" "https://d3f8e2yx8gxglk.cloudfront.net/adaptivemedia/rendition?id=40908849d12e27264ac04811619c614407b6e751&vid=40908849d12e27264ac04811619c614407b6e751&prid=65Wx65H&clid=SAPDAM" "inStock" "USD" "Now you can enhance even the messiest meal with the great look of Vanity Fair® Everyday Extra Absorbent Napkins. Engineered with advanced technology for enhanced absorption, our 2-ply napkins are made to look stylish and classic taking on anything from syrupy pancake breakfasts to saucy spaghetti dinners."