Here are four ways you can help transform mealtime into a memorable experience everyone is sure to enjoy.

1. Host a Cookie Contest

Everyone has their own opinion on cookie preferences, so what better way to settle the score than with a classic cookie contest? Gather your favorite people (it helps if they can bake!) and choose the top 4-5 cookie recipes for a delicious bake-off. Be sure to bake plenty of cookies for adequate taste testing, and we recommend picking up our Vanity Fair® Entertain Dinner Napkins for a special touch when serving them up. You can even offer a fun prize to the winner to add some excitement to the competition.

2. Build Your Own Pizza Party

Let your guest be the chef! Have them showcase their originality and culinary prowess by creating their own pizza. Pick up pre-made pizza dough, sauce, cheese, and a variety of your favorite toppings from your local grocery store to throw a pizza party. Don’t be afraid to let your guests experiment with toppings. To add the finishing touch to your meal, be sure to grab our 3-ply premium dinner napkins.

3. Take Your Taste Buds on a World Tour

Whether you’re dreaming of visiting a new city or want to recreate fond memories of your time abroad, indulge your taste buds in flavors from around the globe. From Detroit-style pizza to hand-crafted French crêpes, when served on the signature shell design emboss of our Vanity Fair® Entertain Napkins, you can easily create an atmosphere that inspires the mood with themed decor, music, movies, and more.

4. Teatime With a Twist

Transform a classic English tradition into an upscale affair with a variety of teas from around the world. You can even experiment with different ways to prepare your tea, such as adding honey and milk, lemon, and even a bit of spice. Throw in a few herbal teas as well to add a refreshing and rejuvenating touch to your teatime. Finally, get into character with themed attire and serve your tea in delicate glasses with elegant little cakes and candies served up on Vanity Fair® Beverage Napkins.