1. Know Your Guests’ Food & Beverage Preferences

Anticipating the preferences and needs of your guests is a sure way to earn you the title “host of the year.” Use your invites as an opportunity to learn about any dietary restrictions, beverage preferences, or any other special accommodations they desire. Doing so can ensure your guests are comfortable and relaxed and help make everyone feel welcomed and appreciated.

2. Keep Plenty of Paper Napkins Handy

Gatherings can be prime settings for spills. Premium paper dinner napkins and paper beverage napkins are toptier choices for serving food and drinks while offering elevated style and a high-quality presentation. Our Vanity Fair® Entertain Dinner Napkins are also 50% larger than our Everyday napkins, which you can use in place of cloth or linen napkins while maintaining the same level of taste and style. These 3-ply napkins are ideal for elevating the occasion.

3. Incorporate Thoughtful Details

The smallest details can make the biggest impact on your event. Think about designing beautiful place settings and incorporating unique napkin-folding techniques to bring some personality to your decor. Find some clever napkin-decorating ideas and nifty napkin-folding tricks to create a memorable display that adds fashionable flair to your occasion.

4. Keep Pets at Bay

We love our furry friends, but some of your guests may not be as pet-friendly. Whether it’s due to allergies or other personal sensitivities, it’s best to plan accordingly by keeping your pets in a confined space during your event. If you’re opposed to crates or keeping your pets outdoors, you can opt for a pet gate or keep them in a designated room or area of your home where they can safely mingle at a pet soirée of their own, away from your guests.

5. Create An Ambiance with Candles

Candles are great for setting a mood. We recommend picking up a few inexpensive, non-scented candles to help you complete the look. Non-scented candles can help avoid any specific sensitivities or smell aversions your guests may have (as a whimsical, woodsy cinnamon scent may be lovely for a few but irritating for others). Candles are a simple way to keep your theme intact as well, as you can dress up your candles with ribbons, bows, gemstones, or other decorative accents. Choose from wood-wick candles to help create a more rustic vibe or even tea-light candles for something more understated.